About Us

The group has moved a long way since its beginnings, with over 150 members! Don’t worry, we don’t all get together at every meet or social.

There is something for everyone. From dancing, singing, crafts and cycling to walking. We have a few talented people who sing and play instruments. We have dance callers, dance leaders, who will soon get you on the right track. But you do need to know your left from right.

We have members with “big” and “small” caravans. Big awnings “small” awnings and no awnings at all. Some with “big” tents and some with “small” tents. Singles, couples, large and small families. We are a friendly group.

Meets and Socials.

Socials speak for themselves. Generally at a village hall and for a single day duration. There is often a “Jacob’s Join” ( bring your own food, put it on a big table and it all gets shared) like a big picnic.

There is often Folk dancing. If you’ve not done it before, there are plenty of people to help you out. Often music and Poetry reading. Bring your own drink but there are always hot drinks served at half time.


These are the bigger events lasting for several days. Bring your caravan or tent.
You need to register for these so we know how many are attending. If you are local, you can come as a day visitor. For those camping, there is a pitch fee paid up front and charged by the night for camping. These are usually “off grid” ( No electric hook up) but there is always water and water disposal on site.

The entertainment is as for the socials but with some added extras.

To attend any of the above you will need to let us know via the contacts page. You will need membership number.